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Organic fresh basil leaf.

For the summer months we get this from a UK supplier and their fresh leaves simply can't be beaten. Refreshing and versatile, basil goes well with almost anything from pasta dishes, salads to fruits. It is definitely best added at the end of cooking for maximum flavour.

Reasons to eat basil:

  • Basil contains flavonoids which appear to be protective against DNA changes caused by exposure to environmental free radicals -  this seems to be particularly apparent in white blood cells.
  • Basil has strong anti-bacterial properties and in recent research they have found that basil oils can actually help to inhibit the growth of certain antibacterial resistant strains of pathogens.
  • Adding basil to fresh foods has been show to extend their shelf life, particularly uncooked foods- this is probably due to its anti-pathogen properties but if you add some basil in, you can safely keep your food that little bit longer in the fridge.
  • Basil can act as an anti-inflammatory helping to protect against certain chronic health conditions.

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