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Rocks Cordials are as they should be made, naturally without any artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives.


Organic Elderflower infusion (58%) (Organic cane sugar, Water*, Organic Elderflowers, Organic Lemon juice concentrate), Organic cane sugar, Citric Acid*. Organically grown unless asterisked.

Storage Information:

After opening, we recommend the products be refrigerated and consumed within around three - four weeks. Once opened, natural yeasts can get into the products and can lead to fermentation that will make the products unpalatable.


Preparation: Rocks cordials can be enjoyed in many different ways. Dilute to taste with sparkling or still water. Try hot as an alternative to tea or coffee.

Experiment as a mixer in alcoholic drinks, 'on the Rocks' or as a cooking ingredient.

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